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Here are just some of the featured original artist in which the Summer Breeze Music Project performs tributes.

America (the band) The Band America
credit: Alamy Image ID: 2JBA295

Performed their hits for more than 50 years. The trio was famous for its close vocal harmonies and light acoustic folk rock sound. Early influences: Vietnam, Living on base in England, and later travelling to US West Coast.

Beatles Beatles
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

More global hits than any other band in history. Paul, John, George and Ringo created an ever-lasting legacy, changing music and strongly infuencing culture forever. Many of the oustanding orchestrations heard on their recordings was due to the "fifth Beatle", George Martin, their producer.

Billy Joel Billy Joel
credit: Alamy licensed Stock Photo

One of most popular recording artists and respected entertainers in the world. An extremely great lyric writer and pianist.

Bob Seger

A very soulful voice. The Silver Bullet band was the driving force behind him his many hits.

Doobie Brothers

The core of the group: Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston, and John McFee have been together more than 50 years. Began as a southern style rock band and later evolved into much more of soulful band with the influence of Michael McDonald.


The Doors were an American rock band from LA, 1965, Jim Morrison, lead vocals, Ray Manzarek keyboards, Robby Krieger, guitar and John Densmore, drums. They were a very innovative rock band of the 1960s

Eagles Photo of Eagles - copyright, Gijsbert Hanekroot, Amsterdam
copyright, Gijsbert Hanekroot, Amsterdam

Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and later, Joe Walsh, have been writing great music, hit after hit, since the early 1970s. Their opus was: Take It Easy and Hotel California, however, they have produced many identifible hit songs which have become synonymous with the feel and message of popular easy listening and light rock music in the United States of America from the past several decades.

Elton John

More than half a century of writing great piano/vocal arrangements and collaborating with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Globally renowned.

Eric Clapton

Very Bluesy feel to his music. Famous primarily for his pioneering electric guitar work, but his acoustic playing, slide guitar and Dobro skills are equally impressive.

James Taylor
Photo of James Taylor (0536760169) licensed via Avalon.Red on 8/25/2022
credit Avalon.Red

Known for writing and performing sensitive, emotionally affecting folk/easy listing songs. James has always been an extremely gifted singer with a pure focused voice, strong acoustic guitar work, and sophisticated song writing. His frequent message of love and kindness are so important to the world.

Jim Croce

Jim Croce was an American folk singer and songwriter. He released five studio albums between 1966 and 1973 and was reaching his pinnacle of success before his untimely death in 1973.


Journey is a world famous rock band originally formed in San Fransisco in 1973. It conisted of former members of Santana's band as the Steve Miller band. As of 2024 Neal Schon, guitarist/vocalist is the last remaining original member. The current lead vocalist who replaced Steve Perry is Arnel Pineda. Journey was most popular in the early 80s with Steve Perry as lead vocalist. one of their biggest hits is "Don't Stop Believin'" (1981), which in 2009 became the top-selling track in iTunes history.

Neil Diamond

One of the most successful and extremely talented pop music singer/songwriter who scored a number of hits during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Developed a huge fanbase.

Rod Stewart

A distinctive raspy voice. One of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 250 million records worldwide. His music style has evolved and become more sophisticated as time has passed.

Seals and Crofts

Immensely popular in the 1970's, and still honored today for their hits Summer Breeze, Hummingbird, Diamond Girl, We May Never Pass This Way Again and Get Closer. Their unique pop/rock sound was made famous by their incredible vocal harmony, songwriting and musicianship.

Simon and Garfunkel

Won 10 Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Described as "the most successful folk-pop singing duo of the 1960s". Their voices blended so well together.

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