Terms of Use

The Summer Breeze Music Project LLC is a limited liability company for the sole purpose of performing music.

The purpose of the Summer Breeze Music Project (SBMP) website is to establish a mere "web presence" regarding SBMP musical tribute performances to various artists. The SBMP Website is not an e-commerce site.

Any references to "cover" reprentations of songs via audio, video, or literary verbiage represented on the SBMP website are intended to give credit to the orignal performer/creator.

Any audio and video recordings posted on the SBMP website are not for distribution and are only posted as a demonstration of live performances by SBMP. These recordings are not for sale.

The owner of SBMP, Bill Miles can be contacted via email at: wrm@mws.phxcoxmail.com or by phone at: 1-480-980-8110.