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Carvin Out Some Blues

by on 9/13/2022

Went to hear Carvin Jones perform recently at Gold Stallion Restaurant in Gold Canyon, AZ. I had been hearing alot about this blues guitarist lately and wanted to find out for myself. Upon walking in I immediately got a sense of his showmanship and a coolness factor. He was dressed all in black with stylish western hat. It was just him, his Telecaster, and a large fender amp on the stage. The room was filled with many of his followers. He worked the room demanding his attention, pointing to people with one hand and soloing on the guitar neck with the other. He had good command of the guitar as if it was simply a part of him. With a very long guitar cable he moved around the audience keeping the focus.
He covered Hendrix and Clapton and got everyone into Sweet Home Chicago. His playing style reminded me of Jimi Hendrix. He was originally from Texas, but has been in Phoenix for many years. You can learn more about his performance history and touring information at:

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Check Carvin Out!!!
from: on 10/26/2022

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