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A Man Named Reginald

by on 5/13/2021

On March 25, 1947, Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born. It wouldn't be for some years until people were to call him by his stage name, Elton John. 

He was born into a family lead by a high ranking air force officer, who he described as "stiff" and "very snobbish". His mother would be accredited for introducing and cultivating musical influences around him. Reginald (Elton), who taught himself how to play piano at the age of 4, would eventually go to the London Academy of Music only to drop out 2 weeks before graduation to pursue a career in music. 

He began working for a music publishing company. While he was still playing in bars and small gigs, Elton would eventually join a band called "Bluesology". This is where he would derive his stage name from. The saxaphone player's first name was "Elton" and the name of the lead singer was "Long John Baldry". He would combine the two to form one of the most iconinc stage names ever known to man. 


Elton John. Later in his life, he would even go on to add the name "Hercules" as his middle name. Rounding out the legend that would go on to be knighted for hus efforts in music, charity, and humanitarianism. 

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He was a child prodigy and could reproduce a piece of music after only hearing once.
from: on 5/15/2021

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