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Daniel, My Brother

by on 5/24/2021

Summer Breeze Music Project

In the early 70s, Elton John and his lyricist Bernie wanted to honor the Vietnam veterans as they returned from duty.

The song “Daniel”  is about the feelings of a veteran who recently returned from the Vietnam War as told from the perspective of his brother who noticed his older sibling's conflicted soul.   The returning Vietnam Vets received a great deal of attention in the early 70s.  This sudden attention was difficult for many of them to handle because for the most part they just wanted to forget the horrors and return to a peaceful life.  Some had trouble fitting back into the society which they once felt comfortable. Many of these war torn vererans chose to go into seclusion for a time after returning.  In the song "Daniel", his brother chooses to escape all the attention by traveling to spain leaving the younger brother with empathy and sadness.   You can listen to the Summer Breeze Music Project cover of "Daniel" at:

This song reached No. 4 and received the 1973 award for Best Song musically and lyrically.

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